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    • Boycott the mainstream media that is controlled by the elite in power whose aim is to create fear and divisions amongst the people so as to maintain the status quo. Choose alternative media and encourage others to do the same.

    • Develop a sense of oneness. Move away from what separates us (nationalism, racism, fanaticism, bigotry, prejudice …) and feel connected to all the people of the earth. Paradise cannot be build without universal love and fraternity amongst all beings.

  • Why a society without work and money is unavoidable?
    The machines work better, faster, cheaper than human beings who will continue to be replaced at an ever faster rate. It leads to the end of work.

    To avoid the revolts of an ever growing mass of unemployed living in austerity, the society will have to provide them with the quality of life resulting from our gains of productivity.
    The end of money will come a bit later when our technology will be able to create the abundance for the goods and services we use.

    Even though a world paradise is unavoidable the path to get there can be quite painful. Paradism will direct society towards the path of less resistance and suffering.

  • If there is no jail, no police how do we deal with criminals?
    Paradism will install an egalitarian society. When everything is free and everyone enjoys the same quality of life there is no reason for stealing and taking someone's property.
    The criminality will be much reduced and caused only by a small minority of individuals with mental problems.
    The prisons are places that breed the very problem they are supposed to fix. Someone who is aggressive is someone who suffers. Violent people will be sent to hospitals or care centres where they will receive the treatment and the love they need to overcome their deficiency or disease.
    One can also remember that humanity has lived for most of its history without any jail and police. There is much to be relearned from the natural way of living of our tribal ancestors.

  • What is the difference between Paradism and the "resource based" economy?
    Paradism focuses on a complete suppression of labour and its replacement by robots, which leads to the suppression of money. With Paradism there is no longer an economy since there is no money.

    Our technology will model the functioning of Nature to make everything abundant and renewable. That includes all our resources which can be created and recycled indefinitely.
    When everything is being made abundant thanks to a sustainable technology there is no need for a thrifty management of resources.
    An economy only exists in societies that experience scarcity.

    Money will not even be necessary to adequately distribute the goods and services. Supercomputers will take care of their production and distribution. Everyone will be served by personal robots completely dedicated to them. All that will be needed is for the people to express their needs to the robots and supercomputers that will fulfill them.

  • How do you suggest we solve the current world crisis?
    The monetary system is collapsing and it is very desirable. It will result in the creation of a single currency and a world government*. That is the remedy and the necessary transitional phase before we can create a world without money and government.

    To have put the creation of money in the hand of a small group of people has allowed them to create at will the economic expansions and recessions they needed to increase their control. There was never a shortage of money to finance their wars and never enough debts to enslave the people and the nations.

    The creation of a single currency under the control of a world administration will have the same effect as a blood transfusion into a dying body. It will be the opening of the gate that was holding back humanity from realising its dreams.

    There will be no more shortage of money to finance projects. The only limitation will be self imposed by whether or not it is worth our energy and our time.

    The priorities are self evident. End poverty, repair the earth, develop and implement the technologies that will free humanity from work.

    Another important priority would be to dismantle the big super powers and empires that threaten the security of the world. The planet will be much safer with small size states united under a world federation.

    * The word "government" is not really suitable when speaking of the future world government. This government will not rule or govern the people. It will administrate, looking after the supply of money, the energy, the resources etc... We should rather use the expression "world administration". It will administrate the earth, but not govern the people.

  • Isn’t it dangerous to be ruled by supercomputers?
    The supercomputers will serve us not rule us.
    To make the decisions to build bridges, roads, schools, cars, computers etc… we would rather let the task to supercomputers than let it to a politician whose opinion can be swayed by private interests.

    Powerful calculators can predict any shortage and allocate the resources where and when they are needed better than any human being.

    The intelligent machines are like slaves that are programmed to serve us and their only preoccupation is the happiness and the well-being of their masters.